Quiet Reflection

An interactive art installation where an individual’s silhouette is captured and displayed through a series of LED lights.


Audio-reactive visuals with projector and stroboscope.

Present Tense

An interactive six-channel video installation executed in the virtual reality.

Virtual Window

Perspective rendering onto a screen from the perspective of the viewer to create a more immersive 3D experience.

Swarm Key

An interactive generative music system to compose piano music.


An educational resource to teach physical computing to primary school children.


Book the exact restaurant table you want using this intuitive graphical user interface.

DaVinci Cuffs

A bio-signal interface to manipulate sound and lighting


Augmented Reality android app prototype that helps architects show their projects to clients for better understanding during the pre-planning process.

From Zero

An action-adventure game which uses the player’s actions and choices to redefine the game’s narrative and create future consequences.

Dream Strike

A unique platformer with customisable abilities, interesting level design and lovely visuals.


A third-person action adventure game with a twist for the splitting limbs. You cannot die, but you can lose your limbs and pick them up.


First person puzzle platform game built around the idea of shooting and manipulating the world with cubes.


A horror game where you have to escape from a haunted hospital

Planet Wars

A game where the objective is to destroy the towers surrounding your opponent’s planet whilst defending your own.

Spell Caster

Typing-based game; waves of enemies and some bosses


The player must defeat waves of enemies by hitting them with a ball.

Webcam Poetry

A project that uses dense captioning and my own generative poetry engine to create expressive poetry based on live camera streams.


An empirical study based on current trading techniques used on financial markets.