Deep dream for video

What happens when a neural network watches Blade Runner just once – and then you ask it to remember what it saw?


This interactive installation uses gesture and expression to explore sound scapes.


A project exploring the capture and post-production of 360° media formats.

Perfect Angles

A puzzle platformer involving various shapes and challenges to overcome.

The Bitter Sweet

An immersive virtual reality art installation which explores the impairments associated with the autism spectrum.


A game-changing online, collaborative music-making platform.

Horse of Spring

A breath-controlled computer game, designed to promote lung health.

OCD and Gaming

An investigation of the effects gaming can have on OCD.

Meet the Watsons

A family of four projection-mapped sculptures who discuss and deconstruct your twitter account live in front of an audience.

Oljud {Noise}

A performance piece where body movements and poses control rhythm, pitch and glitch.

TAC Visualiser

A visualiser which reacts to loaded-in music, or can be customized for audio input.

Rabbit and Cheetah

An artificial intelligence program which simulates the Rabbit and Cheetah game.


An electronic musical instrument designed to be held like a games controller.


An app to introduce people to the harp and learn how music scales work.

Car Crash Music

Sounds are triggered by motion tracking YouTube videos of cars and crash tests. 

The Followers

A virtual reality unity game for Google Cardboard.

Music for Household Items

A performance which uses a range of household objects to perform electronic music with the aid of Max/MSP.  

Monster Rush

A 3D interactive video game art piece created in Unity. “In our opinion it is the prettiest game that BSc Games Programming  students have ever made!”


A performance piece that generates sound from movements, using embodied technologies and electric shocks.