Double Composure

A ‘low-poly’ style digital media transformation tool designed for artistic effects.
Typical usage follows three steps: opening a photo or video, customising cells and then reintegrating them back into the original media. Within each of these are ways to control the output; however the processing is entirely deterministic from the moment buttons are released. The primary editing menu is the ‘cell editor’ which employs a variety of tessellations and other options. Editing external media is inspired by the way printers and displays use dots and pixels. Resolution is painted in the ‘iteration editor’, which Double Composure uses to reconstitute the loaded image with shapes. This feature allows a subject to be obscured or swarmed by the geometry leading to the final method of realisation; augmented reality. Self-reference continues down to the fractal multiplication of cells which uses a simple iterated function system.

Daniel Sutton-Klein, BSc Creative Computing